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London set to celebrate Shakespeare

08-Feb-2014 TO 31-Dec-2014

Shakespeare will celebrate his 450th birthday in 2014, and enthusiasts are being encouraged to join in the festivities with a plethora of events lined up specially for the occasion.

20140212 Exploring the Extremes

02-Mar-2014 TO 02-Nov-2014

This new exhibition for the kids explores the wacky and wonderful ways plants and animals adapt to the most extreme conditions, with plenty of fun opportunities to get involved.

Creatures living in places from the Arctic to the Sahara Desert are explored through hands-on experiences, games and challenges.

The Art of the Brick

01-Sep-2014 TO 08-Mar-2015

This exhibition elevates Lego to a status well beyond that of a children's toy!

For many of us, Lego has formed an integral part of our childhoods. Very little compares to the satisfaction of sticking those colourful bricks together and creating a space shuttle that visits distant planets, or a scientific lab that might one day cure cancer across the world. It provides endless amusement - not least when Mum or Dad steps on one of the bricks barefoot and lets out a sharp squeal - and shapes our future ambitions and desires.