Experience Hogwarts in the Snow

  • Category: Family Fun
  • Dates: Sunday, 01 December 2013 to Monday, 06 January 2014

Anyone who has read the Harry Potter books will know how important Christmas is to the students and staff at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. JK Rowling's sumptuous descriptions of enormous banquets and dazzling decorations were a fixture in the adventures of the boy wizard.

Now you can actually experience Hogwarts in the Snow at the  Waner Bros studio tour of the Harry Potter film sets, which have been lavishly decorated with fantastic props from the movies themselves.

Wander through the Great Hall with its twelve giant Christmas trees, decorated with festoons of holly, mistletoe and golden wreaths.

Inside the dining room, you'll find that two of the house tables have been laid for the festive feast that takes place every year, with plump turkeys, hams, puddings, vegetables and snow cakes.

Joining the delicious food on display are a number of very exciting festive costumes worn in the films, including the hand-knitted jumpers knitted by Mrs Weasley for Harry and Ron, the peculiar dress worn by Luna Lovegood to Slughorn's Christmas party and of course Harry's own invisibility cloak - given to him by Albus Dumbledore.

You will also be taught the secrets of how Hogwarts was transformed for the winter, with dendritic salt used by the filmmakers to create a frosty effect throughout the grounds of the castle.

Such a Christmassy experience can be very difficult to top, so book yourself and the children into The Rubens at the Palace Hotel where you are guaranteed a magnificent and festive time.

As a bonus, the kids eat and stay free when sharing a King room or a Suite with their parents, and are also treated to a tour of the kitchens where they have the opportunity to decorate a cupcake.