Giant pillow fight for Trafalgar Square

  • Category: Family Fun
  • Date: Saturday, 05 April 2014

London's central Trafalgar Square will play host to an enormous pillow fight this coming April, as part of an international effort designed to make the world's public places a bit more enjoyable.

Organised by flashmob specialist Urban Playground Movement - which has previously arranged zombie marches, participatory pie fights and other impromptu activities - feathers are sure to fly during this fantastic event.

Other cities enjoying the mass feathery fracas range from Amsterdam to Toronto, with London's fight commencing at around 3pm on April 5th.

All ages are invited so feel free to bring the children along, but keep the rules in mind - don't hit anyone holding a camera, and don't hit anyone who isn't holding a pillow. Swing lightly, remove your glasses and deploy soft pillows only.

The fun doesn't stop until the participants' energy runs out, at which point everyone will be taking their pillows back to St James's Park for a well-deserved rest.

Last year's event saw more than 1,000 people bring their pillows to Trafalgar Square, with many families among the fighters.

Dressing up is encouraged, with costumes from 2013 including a chicken, a rabbit and inventively a giant pillow.

Once you've finished enjoying the community spirit, return to The Rubens at the Palace where you will have the opportunity to use pillows for their intended purpose - as part of a necessary good night's sleep.

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