Seasonal Specials

Summertime Picnics
All Summer
Celebrate summer in London with a picnic to go with you. Packed in a beautiful hamper, complete with a blanket. Go to your favourite spot in London and enjoy some sunshine. Picnics will have a choice of sandwiches, salads and some delicious dessert. All rounded off with something to quench your thirst. £30.00 per person.


Cool Britannia Goes Positively Royal
All Month
Historical royal cocktails and dishes to coincide with the opening of Buckingham Palace. All cocktails at £12.50 each.

Focus on Food
All Month
Dishes created by our owner Mrs Tollman and the executive chefs within our hotel collection. Take a gastronomical journey through the continents around the world with these inspired dishes. We are delighted to take recipes from Mrs Tollman - our owners vision for food will be emulated with passion and consistency, bringing the food of the world to Buckingham Palace Road.

This month will feature Mrs Tollman's Summer Salads including the Green Goddess, chopped cabbage and broccoli coleslaw priced from £9.00.

Cake of the Month
Try our delicious Queen's Pudding for a treat fit for royalty.


Cool Britannia and the Great British Cheese
All Month
Taste a wonderful selection of unique cheeses and chutney's matched with English wine. £12.50. 

Focus on Food
All Month
The gastronomical journey continues, this month will feature a speciality from our sister property Ashford Castle - Eggs Royale at £12.50.

Cake of the Month
Sample our delicious Treacle Sponge Pudding at £6.50.

Cocktail of the Month
English Rose, Welsh Rarebit, Highland Fling all £12.50


To make a reservation for any of the above offers please call us on +44 (0)20 7834 6600 or email