Here at Rubens we believe in recycling, although the idea is simple, it’s an extremely effective way to sustain the future. In a world of diminishing natural resources it is important to reuse and recycle the resources that we do have.

Listed are just some of our recycling initiatives.

Importance of Sustainable Luxury

Ethical Travel

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Clean Conscience

Through Clean Conscience (#makingadifference) we recycle old soaps and toiletries which reduces waste to land fill and benefits humanitarian projects around the world.

Recycling of Candles

We now recycle our candle wax, the wax gets burned down and made into new artistic candles to sell, with all profits going to our supported charities.

Suite Donation Scheme

We take part in a suit donation scheme, so that used suits get donated to charity and can be reused.

Everyday Items

We recycle paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, cans and printer cartridges as a standard.

Lost Property

Lost property that has been unclaimed after six months is taken to charity shops or alternatively recycled.

Recycling Bins

All of our rooms have in room recycling bins, to encourage guests to recycle.

Biodegradable Items

We are now using biodegradable straws, to prevent the use of plastic. We will also be stocking new Red Carnation biodegradable take away coffee cups.


We are encouraged to use the web browser Ecosia, which plants tress with the revenue generated from the advertising revenue.

Food Waste

All food waste is split and recycled.

Living Wall
Our living exterior
The Treadright Foundation
Sustainable tourism
Spoil someone special

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