10 fascinating facts about our Living Wall


Find out more about the Living Wall that Red Carnation Hotels are using to keep cities greener.


03rd September 2016

The Rubens at the Palace

1. 22 species totalling an impressive 10,000 plants. The range and quantity of plants on our living wall is simply vast! visual effect of our vertical garden is outstanding. It is proven that people feel happier when they see green areas in urban cities.

2. Clever water irrigation. There’s no need to worry about hoisting a watering can up the side of the building, our inbuilt drip irrigation system delivers 1 litre of water per square metre, plus stores water during rainfall for sustainable storage solutions.

3. Plants will grow up to 1 metre. With so much diversity some plants will grow up to 1 metre out when fully grown, making for a spectacular sight.

4. No spray! We don’t use any chemical sprays to maintain our plants. Our wall is green in every sense!

5. Lowest percentage of evergreen plants in London. Our living wall is unique from others in London, with a different collection of greenery for you to feast your eyes on.

6. Seasonal colours. The changing seasons bring beautiful changing colours in nature. Our Living Wall is no exception having been intelligently filled with plants and flowers that will come to life throughout the entire year, making for a wonderful natural show.

7. Largest percentage of eatable plants. From gorgeous wild strawberries to lavender the wall is full of delicious treats., that many creatures will be able to enjoy. Talking of which…

8. Will attract plenty of wildlife. From various types of pretty butterflies to our endangered bees in the summer, to numerous types of birds including robins who will nest behind the ferns in winter. By using a broad range of plants a green wall can considerably increase the number and variety of insects and birds in a given area, helping to return a more sustainable ecosystem in urban environments.

9. Cools building by 30 degrees. A coverage of vegetation over a building can dramatically reduce the need for additional cooling in summer. The vegetation also works as a blanket to reduce heat loss from a building in winter. Studies have shown considerable energy savings.

10. The wall weighs about 10 tonnes. We do not take our environmental responsibilities lightly.

 From 6 weeks to 51 seconds! Watch our time lapse video showing how our wall was created.



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