America's greatest musical in London’s Victoria


Hamilton the Musical, the fun, hip-hop-fuelled musical phenomenon has been as big a success on this side of the pond as it was in the USA.


30th October 2018

The Rubens at the Palace

Hamilton the Musical didn’t just hit the big time in the Big Apple; it took the whole of America by storm. Featuring the first Secretary of the Treasury (a man you’ll find on the $10 note) and a life that oscillated between tragedy and triumph, his story has been rendered in such a fun way that people have queued for tickets ever since the show first hit The Public Theatre, off Broadway. It had a similar effect in London when it opened in 2017. After much critical acclaim, winning seven Olivier Awards in 2018, the show has been a smash hit with British audiences as well, with locals and visitors lining up at the Victoria Palace Theatre to see it.

Hamilton in Victoria

Stay with us at Hotel 41, our boutique hideaway next to Buckingham Palace, or The Rubens At The Palace, and you’ll be perfectly placed to enjoy an evening of unforgettable entertainment at Hamilton in Victoria. Originally slated to run from November 2017 to June 2018, the show’s success in London has led to it being extended.

The show’s popularity is easy to explain, as few people have ever covered the classic rags-to-riches tale of Alexander Hamilton in such a captivating, energetic and accessible manner, with entire scripts spat out like dynamic rap lyrics. Liberating the tales of the American Founding Fathers from their fusty, dusty tomes, Hamilton the Musical paints several colourful profiles of titans such as George Washington, James Madison and John Adams. None, however, compared to Hamilton’s own story, in which the man is orphaned, moves from the Caribbean to America, and climbs (as well as falls down) the greasy pole of politics via a series of romantic escapades.

Hamilton in Victoria

This combination of contemporary cool and historical substance has won the musical both critical and popular plaudits. And with rosters of A-list supporters – from Barack Obama and Emma Watson to Kanye West and Oprah Winfrey – the UK production has worked hard to match its American counterpart, which won an incredible 11 Tony Awards, a Grammy and a Pulitzer prize.

TThe man behind the UK production is Cameron Mackintosh, a West End veteran with impressive credentials (producing productions of Cats, Les Miserables and the Phantom of the Opera, to name just a few) and the generous budget that most shows can only dream of – £30 million was splashed on the Victoria Palace Theatre, formerly home to Billy Elliot. Lin-Manuel Miranda, the writer and lead of the US musical, recently finished filming the new Mary Poppins film, so he relinquished the role of Alexander Hamilton to British actor, Jamael Westman.

Hamilton in Victoria

After an evening spent relaxing at Hamilton in Victoria Palace Theatre, retreat to the comfort of Hotel 41 or The Rubens at The Palace, only a short stroll away.

Image Credits: US Treasury © iStock/bpperry. Hamilton the Musical © Flickr/Travis Wise. Washington and Hamilton © Flickr/Tina Saey.

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