Introducing Urban Rajah's Indian Frescas


Discover the ultra-refreshing and tastebud tantalising world of Indian Frescas.


Committed to providing an innovative and modern interpretation of spiced food, Urban Rajah has released a thirst-quenching collection of Indian Frescas—sparkling waters blended with fruit and a subtle hint of spice. The Indian street kitchen is delighted to partner with The Rubens at the Palace to create a mouth-watering selection of spicy cocktails using the refreshing mixers. Ivor Peters, the acclaimed chef behind Urban Rajah, explains, “As a chef and spice lover, I’ve developed the UK’s first range of Indian Frescas, specifically created to complement spiced food. We blend eastern culinary botanicals with fruit juices and sparkling water to deliver a gastronomic experience in fluid form.”

Urban Rajah

The idea for Urban Rajah’s Indian Frescas was born from Peters’ prolific travels across India. There are three flavours to choose from: a playful twist on a classic soft drink, the Fiery Mint Ginger Beer includes a spritz of mint and a touch of cinnamon. The ultra-refreshing Crisp Lime & Cucumber has a deliciously subtle hint of cardamom and the Juicy Mango and Papaya combination is perfectly balanced with a little turmeric.

Urban Rajah has collaborated with the acclaimed Curry Room at The Rubens to create a new collection of cocktails which are available at the restaurant. “In working with The Rubens at the Palace and the outstanding team behind their Curry Room restaurant, we’ve used the Indian Frescas to create some of the most inspiring spiced cocktails on the London culinary scene,” explains Peters. “The cocktails are the perfect aperitif to a gastronomic adventure."

Urban Rajah

Created with Silviu Stan, Director of Bars and Lounge at the hotel, the three new aromatic cocktails serve as the perfect pre-dinner drink. The Serene Valley of Flowers combines Tanqueray gin, ginger liqueur and Chartreuse with the Fiery Mint Ginger Beer and is finished with a grating of fresh nutmeg. The seriously refreshing Lime and Cucumber Swizzle is a mix of Lime & Cucumber Fresca, Absolut Citron vodka and Aperol, with lemon, vanilla syrup and grated cinnamon. Finally, Exotic Nights is a tropical concoction that blends Urban Rajah’s Mango and Papaya Fresca with Havana three-year-old rum, passion fruit syrup and grated cardamom.

Urban Rajah

Book now to try Urban Rajah’s sensationally flavoured Indian Fresca cocktails at The Curry Room.

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