The Curry Room at The Rubens


Discover an authentic journey of discovery that blends Indian and African influences.


16th April 2018

The Rubens at the Palace

The brand new Curry Room at The Ruben at the Palace, overlooking the Royal Mews of Buckingham Palace, offers an authentic journey of discovery that blends Indian and African influences.  Our inspiring three course menu features traditional Indian dishes bursting with flavour, prepared with the finest ingredients and imported spices.  With the decor also imported from India, our rich setting transports diners into the heart of Rajasthan. 

The menu design process was a collaborative and meticulous effort.  Chef Arun Kumar of The Curry Room worked closely with Kevin Joseph to create an exciting dining experience.  Kevin is the Executive Chef at our sister property, The Oyster Box Hotel in Durban, South Africa. Durban is one of the world’s most famous curry capitals, and Kevin has not only created the iconic Curry Buffet at The Oyster Box, but has also helped to launch The Curry Room at The Old Government House Hotel in Guernsey.  The combined experience of both Arun and Kevin has ensured that The Curry Room delivers authentic, delicious Indian and South African flavours.  

The Curry Room operates on the simple idea of authentic Indian dishes made with the best ingredients.  The prime cuts of meat are supplied by Aubrey Allen, Royal Warrant holder to Her Majesty The Queen, and all fish is locally sourced from Billingsgate market.  The highest quality spices are specially imported from India, guaranteeing diners flawless plates that dazzle.

As Arun and Kevin wanted to take diners on a journey of the senses, the Curry Room menu is not typically à la carte and instead offers an all-inclusive meal with starters, mains and desserts.  You are invited to try a  generous selection of samoosas, poppadums and condiments to start, that will excite your palate ready for your main.  

Traditional KwaZulu-Natal dishes like our Lamb Curry and Prawn & Chicken Curry bring subtle South African flavours to our guests, while bolder Indian favourites such as Spicy Beef Vindaloo, Prawn Curry, Vegetable Korma, Bengal Fish Curry, and Butter Chicken present diners with elevated, authentic versions of more familiar dishes.  All mains are served with basmati rice, a vegetable side dish and traditional Indian bread. 

Four specially selected desserts are the perfect way to cap off a meal at The Curry Room.  The infused Kulfi Indian ice cream is rich and creamy, while the fresh papaya and sorbet refreshes the palate.  Traditional trifle and Mrs Tollman’s famous baked vanilla cheesecake are also on offer.  Diners can accompany their meal with an Indian beer like Kingfisher or Cobra, or select a wine from our extensive list, including wines from our sister property Bouchard Finlayson vineyard in South Africa.

With London Victoria’s dining and entertainment scene exploding, The Curry Room is firmly at the front of the wave of renewal that is sweeping through the neighbourhood.  Chef Arun Kumar and Restaurant Manager Mohan Senchuri are looking forward to welcoming both Londoners and visitors to the city into our little slice of India in the heart of the city.

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